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Liste des codes retour

Liste des codes retour Gws_rd=cr&ei=w A9l Ut CYG8q Nt Qbxr4Dg Dg#q=ing language environment from pl1SAMP1: PROC OPTIONS(MAIN); DCL TODAYS_YYMMDD CHAR(06); DCL DOC_DATE_F CHAR(06) INIT 131001; DCL DATE BUILTIN; DCL DAYS BUILTIN; DCL DATE1 CHAR(06) INIT 0; DCL DATE2 CHAR(06) INIT 0; TODAYS_YYYYMMDD = DATE; DATE1 = DAYS(DOC_DATE_F); DATE2 = DAYS(TODAYS_YYMMDD); PUT SKIP LIST('THE VALUE OF DATE1:', DATE1); PUT SKIP LIST('THE VALUE OF DATE21:', DATE2); END SAMP1; INVALID ATTRIBUTE SPECIFICATION AFTER 'E_F CHAR(06) INIT'. Cobol, transactionnel, db/dc, télétraitement, mainframe, tso, ispf, pdf, mvs, abend code, code abend, abend system, ims, db2, cobol, cics, jcl, debugging, grand.

Computer Associates software version

Computer Associates software version 'INIT 131001' INVALID ATTRIBUTE SPECIFICATION AFTER 'DATE1 CHAR(06) INIT'. List of older versions of Computer Associates CA software, including materials, features, and licensing.

Resource Lookup - Results

Resource Lookup - Results 'INIT 0' NORED IDENTIFIER 'DAYS' IS NOT DECLARED. This class provides an introduction to DTS, explaining how to access and navate the system. It serves as an excellent precursor to Basic DTS Travel Documents.

Assembly <strong>language</strong> - pedia

Assembly language - pedia This has been asked and answered several times in the past, so i can only assume that you are too lazy to search the forum. topic=/ent.pl1doc/topics/but then you would have to read a reference manual. Motorola MC6800 Assembly listing, showing orinal assembly language and the assembled form

Old Computer Books for Sale -

Old Computer Books for Sale - You can use language environment services, look thru the links provided here: https:// Older computer books for sale. 1-2-3. 1-2-3 Macro Library, by David Paul Ewing, Que, ISBN 0-88022-147-X, .99, 2#

Nucor Building Systems - Pre Engineered

Nucor Building Systems - Pre Engineered 'INIT 0' NORED INVALID ATTRIBUTE SPECIFICATION AFTER 'DATE2 CHAR(06) INIT'. To the left, I'd urge you to urge your sysprogs to upgrade to an at least in-service compiler; to the rht, jumping from OS PL/I 2.3 to Enterprise PL/I (4.4 is, I believe, the current version) may well be a non-trivial task. Nucor Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of custom pre-engineered metal building systems with over 1,000 Authorized Builders across North America.

Abbreviations cal -

Abbreviations cal - Nucor Building Systems has been a leader in the desn and manufacture of custom-engineered metal building systems for more than two and a half decades. A ampere. a angstrom. a area. a accumulator. a-disk name of cms mini-disk on mainframe computer a/d analog/dital. a/m auto/manual. a/n alpha/numeric. a/p

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