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TeraByte Unlimited Downloads Free Software Hard I bought this unit for it's compact size, transportability, and ability to record live gs, getting the whole band on 12 tracks, then adding more tracks at the home studio to polish the recordings for Demo CD's. The output can be redirected to a file and sent for review if needed. This special purpose utility was developed for Roland VS2480 Dital Audio Workstation.

Roland vs 2480 Recorders eBay At the price I got my Korg D3200 new, I have to give it a (9) for the reason that you can pay a lot more and get better. ROLAND VS-2480 HD DITAL AUDIO RECORDING WORKSTATION w/MANUAL & 2 CD BURNERS. Fantastic Roland VS-2480 Recording board.

V-Fire Owner's Manual The Korg can connect 8 XLR phantom powered mikes, and 4 1/4'' jacks (line in or guitar or keys) and give you 12 tracks of live recording on the spot. Authorization Number and instructions of where to return the unit for service. This will route individual VS-2480 audio track outputs to the V-Fire inputs via.

Download manual roland vs2480:

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