Motorola universal remote control manual

UR5-9000L Series - Universal Remote Control If still no response, try powering off your converter and restarting it. The UR5-9000L Series remote controls are Tru2way/OCAP compliant with the capability of. The UR5-9000L Series ships with a user guide/programming manual. UR5L-9020L Factory programmed for Motorola, backlit, IR learning.

Programming Your Shaw Remote Shaw Support *ATTENTION: This remote is programmed by default to command Motorola converters. If your converter is not responding to commands, make sure the URC2025 is in cable mode by pressing the 'CABLE' button. Programming Your Shaw "Champ" Remote Control. Locate the code for your device from the user's guide that came with your Shaw remote.

How to use a Motorola DVR/Programming the Remote - books. Low Battery Indication - when the batteries become low and need to be replaced, the [CABLE], [TV], [DVD], [AUDIO] buttons will not illuminate normally, or at all, during operation. The Motorola DVR can be operated with a variety of remote controls. The silver remote is made by Universal Electronics, and uses the same. Follow the verizon link for a basic programming manual.

Quick Setup - Motorola Dital Adapter Remote Control - This method allows you to program the remote control WITHOUT using CODES. Quick Setup - Motorola Dital Adapter Remote Control. refer to the Dital Adapter Remote Control User Guide for a full list of programming codes. Quick Setup - Evolution HD Dital Adapter Universal Remote Control · Remote Control.

Remote Control User Guides – Northwestel To rectify, install 2 new "AA" size batteries to restore normal operation to the remote control. To access the codes that allow you to program your remote control or for additional user information, choose a remote control model from the list below Motorola.

UR5-9000L Series - <i>Universal</i> <i>Remote</i> <i>Control</i>
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How to use a <strong>Motorola</strong> DVR/Programming the <strong>Remote</strong> - books.
Quick Setup - <strong>Motorola</strong> Dital Adapter <strong>Remote</strong> <strong>Control</strong> -
<em>Remote</em> <em>Control</em> User Guides – Northwestel
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<em>REMOTE</em> <em>CONTROL</em> <em>MANUAL</em> Champion URC2025 - RCN

Motorola universal remote control manual:

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