Stainless steel manual ball valves

Products for Stainless Steel, Ball Valves One major advantage of an electric ball valve over a solenoid valve is the slower operating speed, which reduces or eliminates water hammer. Series, Threaded, 2-Piece, Std. Port, Stainless Steel Ball Valve, 2000 CWP to 1", 1500 CWP to 2", 1000 CWP to 3",Sizes 1/4" to 3" DN 8 to DN 75.

Stainless Steel Manual Ball Valves - Valtorc International USA Motorized ball valves use an electric motor/gear box drive to open and close the valve. Our standard manual ball valve of choice. Available in sizes 1/4" - 4" inches in stainless steel with a 150PSI WSP rating and 1000PSI working pressure. Features.

Manual Ball Valves Parker Typiy a Namur direct mount solenoid valve is used to control the air actuator. Manual Ball Valves. Ball Valves - Stainless Steel. Parker's stainless steel ball valves meet the material requirements of NACE MR-01-75. Confure Product.

Stainless Steel Ball Valve - STC Valve These automated valves are available with double acting (air to open, air to close) or spring return (air to open, spring to close) actuators. Aug 31, 2016. V3 Valve Specifications, stainless steel ball valve. Maximum Operating Pressure 1/2" to 2" -- 1000PSI @ 100°F WOG 2 1/2" to 3" -- 800PSI.

Stainless steel manual ball valves:

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